Everything For A Summer Refresh At Your Facility

Restroom Refresh Without A Renovation

Making upgrades to any space on a budget requires creative solutions. If you're tackling your workplace or business restrooms this season, you'll be thrilled to know we have some cost-effective options for you to consider. 

Upgrading your soap and paper dispensers to a more modern, sleek, and reliable option is a quick and simple project that can immediately improve the aesthetic of your restrooms, and even reduce maintenance for your janitorial staff. With our in-house installation team, Warehouse Direct can set up your facility with new dispensers at a discounted rate, and in some cases, at no cost! Check out some of our recommendations below, and make sure you fill out the form to get more details about our restroom program.

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Summer Essentials For Your Facility

Keep Your Workplace Cool

Excessive heat in the workplace can lead to decreased concentration and productivity, fatigue, and overall discomfort. As temperatures continue to climb, supplementary cooling solutions may be needed, especially in hard-to-cool facilities like warehouses or large offices.

This is why we've gathered some of the most popular room, office, and industrial fans by Best Comfort in one place. These fans effectively cool and enhance air circulation for a diverse range of workplaces, making it easier for your team to maintain peak performance. From compact personal fans that are perfect for individual workstations to powerful commercial-grade fans for large-scale operations, this collection caters to every requirement. Take a look at the options today to make sure you're prepared for the summer heat. 

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Stay Active & Hydrated With Single-Serve Energy Drink Mixes

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Fields like landscaping, construction, busy warehouse or heathcare workers, or any active role runs the risk of dehydration--especially if they work in the heat. You can do your part to help keep your team hydrated and energized with these single-serve Solo Shot Packets by Thorzt. They contain essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that mix with a standard 16-oz water bottle to provide faster and more efficient hydration than water alone. Additionally, they are 99% sugar-free, setting them apart from other electrolyte packs. Because these are individual servings, your team can rehydrate when they need to, or on the go.

OSHA-Compliancy Made Easy

TruShot Chemical Dispenser

Making sure your cleaning supplies and solutions are OSHA-compliant is an essential part of the facility manager's job. These regulations keep teams safe so that they can continue to keep up the cleanliness standards your workplace demands. While there are no shortcuts, TruShot has created a product that makes OSHA-compliancy easier than ever. 

The TruShot system requires no mixing, no measuring, and no stopping with its pre-diluted solutions. The cartridges are color-coded, easy to read, and snap directly into the interchangeable trigger dispenser. This makes it easy to switch from your restroom cleaner to your disinfectant, all with one tool. This reduces cart prep time and is a convenient, space-saving alternative to wall-mounted systems or individual product bottles.   

Essentials in Floor Renewal

Floorcare from Best-in-Class Brands

Maintaining floors within your facility is a year-round job, but summer may be the perfect time to consider upgrading your tools and equipment to improve your cleaning efficiency, extend the life of your floors, and prepare for the harsh winter elements ahead. Download this season's Floorcare catalog, featuring top-performing equipment from trusted brands like Clarke, Timberline, and IPC, as well as floor cleaners, finishes, and waxes by brands like Spartan and Diversey. 

Need a demo of equipment before you buy? Schedule a free Productivity Day to see some of these machines and products in action at your facility! This lets you experience firsthand the improvements in performance, efficiency, and quality you can expect to see with your new tools. 

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New vacuums and floor scrubbers can increase productivity and reduce the time spent cleaning, all while providing a more thorough, long-lasting clean! There are a variety of options depending on your facility's size, floor types, and goals, so check out the catalog for an overview of our best-performers.

Protection is cheaper than renovation. Consider a proactive approach to your floorcare by recoating your floors before fall and winter arrive. Our catalog features multiple options for floor strippers, finishes, and waxes depending on your goals, as well as new pads for your scrubbers for floors that look like new.

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Service & Repair Your Motor Equipment

Don't Skip Out On Annual Maintenance 

Warehouse Direct employs our own team of in-house, certified technicians who can service and repair all the product lines we carry. We encourage all of our customers to routinely service your tools at the end of a busy season, or at the beginning of an approaching one. Bring in your lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and pressure washers at the end of a busy summer so you know that they are ready to use the following spring. Haven't serviced your fall and winter equipment yet? We can repair your leaf and snow blowers proactively so that your maintenance team is prepared for even the most unpredictable weather scenarios. Routine care of your equipment is necessary to extend the life of your tools and prevent any costly repairs or replacements. Because we are aware of the importance of annual servicing, Warehouse Direct is proud to offer some of the most affordable maintenance agreements in the Chicagoland area. If you've already purchased equipment through Warehouse Direct, make sure you get in touch to take full advantage of all of our discounted services. We have openings now!

All Your Packaging Needs

Warehouse Direct Carries a Full Line of Packaging Supplies!

Our extensive line of packaging materials includes everything from sturdy boxes, tape, and labels, to fasteners, films, and fill options. Not only are thousands of these items available for same-day shipping, but almost all of them are customizable with your brand's information or imagery, allowing you to create a professional, personal, and distinctive identity for your business. If you don't see the item you're looking for, get in touch with a Warehouse Direct Expert to see how we can help. 

Elevate your packaging game with our range of high-quality, customizable solutions, and make a lasting impression on your customers with every shipment. 

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