Not Too Late For Savings For The Remainder of 2024

Business Reviews with Warehouse Direct

Does your business conduct its own business reviews? If you do, then you know this is an invaluable process that shines a light on where your business is succeeding and where there is still room for growth. A mid-year check-in is the perfect time to see if any adjustments are necessary to meet your year-end goals. 

We invite all businesses to consider scheduling a business review with Warehouse Direct. This is a thorough process that gives you a high-level overview across all areas of your business to find where you can be saving money in supplies or services. As American's most complete workplace supplier, Warehouse Direct has Experts, products, and solutions for nearly every business need, meaning you can significantly consolidate your supply chain. This leads to cost savings and simplified accounting with a single invoice.

Business reviews are a free service with Warehouse Direct, and we can guarantee we'll work together to custom-tailor a solution that leads to cost savings for the rest of the year. It's not too late to make 2024 your most successful year yet. Fill out a form to get in touch and schedule your business review today!


WD Lamination Services

Did you know WD sells & services your essential lamination items?


Not only does Warehouse Direct carry thousands of office and business supplies, we also provide quality services to further help you consolidate your vendor outreach. This includes document finishing and lamination services. Whether your onsite machine is not working, or your business doesn't have its own in-house laminator, we want to make sure everyone has access to quality print materials. We can bind and laminate everything from new manuals, training materials, presentations, signs, and anything else you hope to create for your business, with the fastest turnaround time at the lowest price. 

If you are looking to add or replace your in-house equipment, we also carry several product lines of binding machines and laminators, along with all the supplies to go with them. We can help you find the perfect machine for your business based on your needs, budget, and goals. Thanks to our in-house team of technicians, you can take advantage of installation, maintenance, and repair services on all the equipment brands and models we carry. This means you won't have to reach out to the manufacturer or bring your machine to a third-party servicer if something goes wrong. Our technicians will come to your site for repairs and can help you with warranty exchanges if it needs to be replaced. You're not just getting a new machine--you're getting service for life.  

This Season's Office Essentials

Signage & Display

Quick Expert Tip: 

Use sign holders to frequently change messaging in your workplace for your employees or guests. Some great locations include waiting areas, breakrooms, or anywhere you have a message for a large group to see. 

Office Chair Mats

Occasional Use, Low-Pile Carpet Mats

Economical, lightweight protective vinyl mat for occasional use to protect low-pile carpets up to 1/4" thick. Easy-glide rolling surface for effortless movement and carpet protection. Ideal for use of four hours or less. 

Moderate Use, Low-Pile Carpet Mats

Lightweight, durable performance for moderate use on carpets up to 0.38" thick. Effortless chair movement on the easy-glide rolling surface. Studded design secures mat from moving while protecting the carpet from caster wear, spills, and traffic.

Frequent Use, Medium-Pile Carpet Mats

The SuperMat chair mat is a versatile choice for frequent use on carpets up to 1/2" thick, and is well suited for a variety of commercial and home office applications. Easy-glide rolling surface with bottom studs to grip the carpet securely. Ideal for use of over six hours.

All Day Use, Hard-Floor Mats

Thinner, lightweight and non-studded mats for hard floors designed to protect wood, tile, laminate, and other hard floor surfaces from all-day use. Easy-glide rolling surface provides smooth movement while protecting floors from caster wear, spills, and heavy traffic.

Office Shredders

Quick Expert Tip: 

Upgrade your shredders to improve efficiency and the confidentiality of the documents you are discarding. Cross-cut shredders guarantee confidentiality by chopping strips into smaller chunks, making it a challenge to read once shredded. Check out our selection of cross-cut shredders below for an upgrade:


Item: FEL4606001

Reliable deskside shredder for personal use. Equipped with SafeSense technology to stop shredding when hands touch the paper opening. Shreds 10 sheets per pass along with staples, paper clips and plastic credit cards.

Item: FEL4350001

Provides reliable, medium-duty shredding that is ideal for deskside use. Patented Safety Lock system for additional protection. Shreds 11 sheets per pass, as well as staples, paper clips, and plastic credit cards. Ideal for individual use.

Item: FEL3229901

Provides powerful professional shredding with 100% Jam Proof System to power through tough jobs. Ultra-quiet performance and SafeSense technology. Shreds 18 sheets per pass. For small offices of 1-3 users.


Item: FEL3227901

Powerful deskside shredding equipped with 100% Jam Proof system. Ulta-quiet performance for shared workspaces and energy efficient. Shreds 16 sheets per pass. Ideal for individual use.

Item: FEL35250

Lubricant that maximizes performance by conditioning the cutters and extends the life of your shredder. For best results, oil your shredder each time you empty the wastebasket or a minimum of twice a month.

Need specific recommendations based on your office supply needs? Get in touch with an Expert!