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NEW Bakery Box Options!

Warehouse Direct now carries both the Standard and Premium line of bakery boxes by Southern Champion! 

This means you have more packaging options than ever before, and can make adjustments based on your business needs and budget. Send off your goods in the same great, durable quality you expect from Southern Champion, but with up to 20% price savings! Both options can still be customized with your brand name or logo, so click here to get a free quote on premium and standard bakery boxes!

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Premium Boxes:

  • Virgin Kraft Paperboard
  • Clay-coated exterior can be custom printed with a logo or business name
  • Variety of sizing options

Standard Boxes:

  • Recycled Paperboard
  • Clay-coated exterior can be custom printed with a logo or business name
  • Same size options
  • 20% cost savings!

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Seasonal Box Options

We also have access to seasonal box varieties by Southern Champion for your favorite holidays and occasions. These pair perfectly with any limited-time or specialty goods you have to offer, while still providing you the Southern Champion quality you rely on.

Stay tuned for important order-by dates on these seasonal options, or click here to get in touch with a WD Food Service Expert for more information!

Catering Essentials

Making Catering A Breeze This Season

Summer events are in full swing, so make sure your catering business is stocked and ready to serve with our unparalleled selection of food service supplies. Whether you're orchestrating corporate events, lavish weddings, or a community barbecue, we've got everything you need to serve with style and confidence this season. 

Warehouse Direct regularly stocks thousands of products in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles so that we can continue to be your one-stop shop for all your food service needs. In a world of supply-chain issues and shipping delays, you can streamline your shopping with Warehouse Direct and feel confident knowing our next-day delivery options will never leave you scrambling for last-minute event supplies. 

Browse our premium supply offerings so you can deliver exceptional service while maximizing your bottom line!


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Customizing Your Food Service Items

The Impact of Customizing

In the competitive food service industry, customizing your takeout bags, boxes, and even napkins is a strategic measure to distinguish your goods and services from your competitors. It can be what turns an ordinary transaction into a delightful and memorable experience. Consistent branding across all your touchpoints are powerful tools for boosting brand awareness, fostering customer loyalty, and enhancing the perceived value of what your business has to offer.

Warehouse Direct can help create a plan for your company to begin customizing without breaking the bank, so even small or growing businesses can start investing in this powerful marketing strategy. 

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