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Did You Know That Warehouse Direct Does Furniture?

That's right! The Furniture division at Warehouse Direct is ready to transform your space and be your go-to solution for a variety of projects, from revamping school classrooms and libraries, to crafting efficient office workstations and welcoming reception areas. No project is too big or too small; whether you simply need to replace the chairs in your conference room or a complete overhaul of the common areas in your workplace, we've got you covered. 

So what sets us apart? We offer 2D and 3D renderings of your new space to ensure your vision aligns perfectly with the final result. Design time comes at no additional charge, allowing you to take your time weighing your options and feel confident in your decisions. Our in-house interior designers are here to give your space the perfect blend of functionality, ergonomic design, and visual appeal. Collaborating with top-tier furniture manufacturers, we secure the best prices and lead times for your projects, as well as handle any warranty concerns you may have. 

But our support doesn't end there. Our in-house Facilities' Experts can recommend specific cleaning solutions tailored to take care of your new furniture, all conveniently available for delivery as early as the next business day. Plus, we've got your school and office essentials covered, ensuring you can fully stock your newly transformed space with ease. 

If you already purchase some of your supplies from Warehouse Direct, you already know the level of personalized care and attention we bring to your business needs. See what our Furniture division can do for your school, office, hospital, and more--because your space deserves the very best. Fill out a form to start planning your next project today.

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Blueprint of furniture

Bringing your project from a 2D idea, to a 3D rendering, to reality!

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Ergonomic Design with HON

A Chair For Every Purpose

The quality of HON furniture helps us create thoughtfully designed workspaces. With options for business, education, and government, HON makes it easy to craft a workspace that works for you. Whether you're adopting an open-style concept for your office, or a layout that supports collaboration for your classroom, HON has something for everyone. They even have an award-winning line of chairs designed to support different purposes, from their perfected classic desk chairs that keep you comfortable and on task, executive and conference chairs for your private offices and meeting rooms, to flexible seating arrangements for classrooms and common areas. We'll help you find the right options for you based on your needs, vision, and budget. With the quality of HON furniture and the service Warehouse Direct provides, your new workspace will be it's most efficient yet.


Item Number: HONCMS1AUR10

Mesh back is breathable for all-day comfort and support. Seat flexes and stretches to make the soft foam even more responsive. Thick seat cushions to take the stress off the lower body throughout the day. Lumbar support that adds a little extra lower back comfort. Height and width-adjustable arms move to put the support right where you want it.


Item Number: HONNR12SAMC22BT

Give your back a break with intuitive, adjustable lumbar support. Maximize your comfort with an advanced tilt control that distributes your weight comfortably and lets you recline with ease. Stay cool and comfortable with a breathable four-way stretch mesh back that cradles every pressure point. Discover your ideal fit and sit in comfort using the adjustable seat height and adjustable arm width and height.


Item Number: HONIE102SS11

If your work requires you to sit for most of the day, the Ignition® executive high-back chair helps you tackle tasks with comfort and ease. This high-back chair features synchro-tilt and independent back angling, which offers an exceptional range of motion and is excellent for time-intensive activities. The quality fits big business. But the price fits small budgets.

197976 (1)

Item Number: HONLWIM2ACU10

Mesh mid-back task chair features adaptable comfort geometry plus the added benefit of an easy-to-use built-in lumbar adjustment for exceptional lower back support. Synchro-tilt promotes circulation and spinal alignment and the standard pneumatic height and seat glide controls accommodate people of varying heights. Adjustable arms help support the forearms and shoulders. The ilira® stretch back material provides natural ventilation.

Why Upgrade Your Workspace Furniture?

The Benefits of an Updated Space

Positive First Impression

Studies show that office design and aesthetics influence your overall company image. Worn or outdated furniture can subconsciously send a signal to your customers, business partners, and team that your business may be doing poorly. You want to make sure your business is making a positive impression, especially in front-facing areas like reception, meeting rooms, and common areas, for new and existing visitors alike. A more modern or up-to-date look can help boost your business' reputation and impress everyone that walks through the door.

Improve Employee Morale & Retention

Employee priorities are shifting. Studies are showing that up to 70% of workers, ages 18-34, care more about what a workplace looks and feels like, and wish their workplace would consider a design upgrade. Outdated furniture can make a space feel dull and dreary, directly impacting employee morale. Does your workspace promote collaboration and teamwork? Consider adding more meeting spaces, open concept workstations, and breakroom improvements and see how new furniture can do more than make your workspace look good. Employees that feel connected to and comfortable in their workplace are happier, and you're more likely to retain your top talent.

Increase Productivity

Many modern furnishing options provide easy access to sockets, outlets, and connections that help make it easier for your employees to do their jobs. This includes desks, tables, and even seating that are designed to work with modern computers, tablets, and phones. Aside from keeping up with technology, consider the ergonomics and functionality of your current layout. More comfortable desk chairs, sleek storage solutions that reduce visual clutter, and innovative accessories all aim to improve focus and productivity. Not to mention the growing prioritization of health and wellness that has increased the demand for stand-up desks and other flexible work solutions. Investing in more modern and ergonomic furniture shows your commitment to supplying your employees with the best tools to get the job done while simultaneously supporting their wellbeing. 


Trust Warehouse Direct with your office upgrade or furniture project. Get in touch today.