Spring into Action: Our Latest Tools & Solutions

Get Ahead of Spring-Cleaning for Your Facility!

As we start to bid farewell to the winter months, now is the opportune time for businesses to get ahead of their spring-cleaning regimen. Carpets and mats, which may have endured wear and tear from snow and ice melt products, deserve a revitalizing touch. Consider investing in advanced carpet cleaners and extractors to breathe new life into these high-traffic areas, ensuring a fresh and welcoming atmosphere. Our experts have picked out some of our bestsellers for you to consider for your office, school, or facility. 

Outdoor spaces require equal attention during the transition to spring as many businesses experience an influx of guests and events. Equip your facility cleaning program with powerful pressure washers to tackle grime and dirt that may have accumulated over winter. Essential tools like outdoor push brooms, easy-reachers, rakes, ladders, and more can streamline outdoor clean-up and maintenance, providing efficiency and precision in managing exterior spaces. This attention to detail ensures your business makes a positive impression even at first glance.

Moreover, maintaining a clean and sanitized environment remains paramount and will be a continued focus in all industries moving forward. Stay on top of hygiene standards by incorporating the latest disinfectants and sanitizers into your cleaning routine. Upgrading your arsenal of cleaning supplies not only ensures a safe and healthy workspace but also demonstrates your commitment to the well-being of employees and visitors alike. Our experts stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest products so you don't have to, and are happy to provide you with a completely customized cleaning regime for your specific needs.

Spring forward with a strategic and comprehensive approach to facility maintenance this season, and let your workplace shine with renewed vitality. 


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Powerful Carpet Care

Clarke Carpet Extractors

Keeping carpets clean can extend their life and improve indoor air quality. But many facilities put off this necessary chore because it can leave carpets wet and disrupt day-to-day business. Now there’s a carpet extractor that allows you to deep clean your carpets with minimal disruption.

Clarke EX40 16ST & 18LX Self-Contained Carpet Extractors are so easy to use and clean so efficiently that you can clean more frequently.

  • One machine, many applications: carpets, multi-level applications, hard floors, upholstery and spot cleaning
  • One-Touch™ Controls make cleaning as simple as switching on and choosing your cleaning mode
  • Integrated tools allow you to switch cleaning modes quickly and easily

  • Fully Rotating Handle makes maneuvering easy, almost eliminating the need to back up in tight spaces (18LX only)

  • Innovative floating brush head creates better contact with surfaces, leaving your carpets drier

  • 12-gallon, removable tank extends cleaning range; small footprint takes up minimal storage space

  • Simplified operation, cleanup and maintenance

powerhouse (1)
bio assist (1)

Item Number: NYCNL513

A 2-1 combination of low-foaming shampoo and a traffic and lane pre-spotter treatment to remove the toughest embedded soils from carpets, rugs, and upholstery. 

Item Number: SPA311004

Heavy-duty carpet cleaner that has organic digesters that remain to remove odor and residual waste.

defoamer (1)
prespray (1)

Item Number: SPA302404

Remove foam in recovery tanks of hot and cold water soil extractors and floor scrubbers with the Spartan Defoamer. This defoamer is designed not to harm any equipment.

Item Number: DVS93515034

Ready-to-dispense neutral pH cleaner for pre-spraying to loosen heavily soiled carpets and help resist resoiling. Requires Hook-Up Hose Kit.

Clean with Karcher

Karcher commercial vacuum cleaners offer optimal solutions for industry, trade, automotive, and contract cleaners. They impress with their high quality, durability, innovative filter technology, and extraordinary operating comfort.

Karcher creates upright vacuums in a variety of sizes and filtration configurations, so our experts have recommended some of their favorite versions for you!


Item Number: WND10126160

The industry’s most dependable workhorse vacuum, the Sensor® S is a trusted upright vacuum with a proven reputation of reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance. With a single-motor design and a light handle weight, this machine is comfortable to operate and provides optimal performance.

Item Number: WND10126060

The Versamatic HEPA 14-inch upright vacuum combines the legendary performance and reliability of the Versamatic with HEPA grade filtration. For decades, the longest lasting most durable vacuums on the market. The Versamatic HEPA will help to extend the life of your carpet while improving your indoor air quality with its standard HEPA filtration.

Item Number: WND10126070

The Windsor Versamatic 18" Commercial Upright Vacuum features precision engineering and a durable construction for long-term use. This vacuum cleaner showcases high-impact ABS plastic construction. Its 1000-watt motor and a separate brush motor help clean deep into the carpet to remove dirt and dust.

Item Number: WND10126120

With a proven reputation of reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance the Sensor XP is the industry-leading vacuum for reliability and convenience. Featuring automatic brush-height adjustment, this machine efficiently removes soils that could ruin your carpets and hard floors, which saves you time and money.

Nacecare Backpack Vacuums

Cordless Cleaning Just Got Easier!

Equipped with their new NX300 36V Battery Technology and a 350W digital brushless motor, the RBV 150NX is engineered to deliver their most powerful cordless cleaning yet. They deliver up to 90 minutes of cordless freedom, a 50% increase in airflow and suction, and maximum user comfort. Being cordless, they are ideal for day cleaning and high-traffic areas, making you more efficient and streamlining your cleaning routine. Make the switch and upgrade to more versatile tools today!

henry free-1

The new design of the PPR series has lead to significant advances in energy consumption as well as overall vacuum performance. They consume 40% less energy than previous models while improving performance by 20%. This is all thanks to the new 680 watt vacuum motor with a 2000+ hour life.Convenient wand docking and internal power cord storage for a smaller footprint. 

Cordless Freedom Market leading 90 minutes of consistent and powerful cleaning performance. Powerful Cleaning 50% increase in airflow and suction with new, high performance 350W digital brushless motor. NX300 Network bringing the convenience and performance of professional cordless cleaning across our growing battery range.

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Keep Your Carpets Clean



Item Number: SPA309604

The Spartan Xtraction II is a carpet cleaner that can be used with either hot or cold water extractors. This cleaner leaves no residue after use, thus reducing the chances of re-soiling.

Item Number: DVO903730

Carpet extraction rinse utilizes a clear, low foam formula that flushes and removes detergent residues. Safe on all types of carpet, including wool. Leaves behind a refreshing fruity floral scent.

Item Number: DVO904266

Ensure a deep-down, thorough carpet cleaning. Commercial-grade prespray loosens and lifts ground in dirt. Soil-repellent additive helps keep carpets cleaner longer. pH neutral formula is safe for use on all carpet types, including wool.

Item Number: NYCNL640G4EA

Stops foam in return tanks which interferes with the operation of equipment. Controls foam caused by detergents, proteins, and many other causes. Highly concentrated and longer lasting. Improves efficiency of machine operation, reduces downtime and repairs.

Outdoor Cleaning & Maintenance

Prep Your Facility With These Outdoor Essentials

Don't let winter wear linger on your buildings, schools, and offices. Refresh your exteriors with our facilities' Experts suggestions on reliable and tools and supplies to help make spring-cleaning a breeze. 

Whether you want to overhaul your lawn care with new hoses, sprinklers, and grass solutions, need heavy-duty leaf blowers or quick repairs on your asphalt, or simply need to stock up on your gloves and protective equipment, Warehouse Direct carries everything you need to put your best foot forward this season. 

itemImage (3)
itemImage (1)-1

Item Number: SCT23616

Apply in late spring (April to June) to get rid of dandelions and other major lawn weeds. Builds thick, green turf from the roots up without burning the lawn.

itemImage (2)-1

Item Number: DIB736694

The grip glove is a snug fitting knit glove with a textured latex coating across the face and an open back for ventilation. Knit cuff to keep dirt out.

Item Number: BEG71108

High wear and traffic tolerance, rapidly recovers after damage. Ideal for areas of high use. Tolerates low mowing, uses advanced turf varieties. Can be used to fill-in heavily worn or damaged areas.


Item Number: CRWCL110

Stylish safety glasses offer exclusive Duramass scratch-resistant lens coating. Flexible temple design for a comfortable fit.


Item Number: SPTBL471310

The digital brushless motor provides efficient, high-performance power without the hassle and maintenance of gas. Industry leading PWRCore 40 lithium battery technology wraps each cell with cooling material to keep the battery powering on for 25% longer run time and 2X battery life.

Item Number: BGS020776

PowerBoss 2800 psi Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer is powered by the Honda GCV160 OHV engine. Maintenance free axial cam pump includes thermal relief valve, EasyStart system, and detergent injection system to siphon cleaning solution into the water stream for faster and easier cleaning.


Item Number: BEGDBELCF34050

50' L Drinking water safe contractor hose. Steel spring guard resists kinking. 500+ psi superior burst performance.

Item Number: BEGGB130740

Hose nozzle with 5 spray patterns. Solid metal body featuring full rubber overmold for comfort grip, flow control knob, and trigger lock. 

itemImage (2)
itemImage (1)

Item Number: QUI170152

High-performance asphalt cold patch specially formulated for permanent repairs to potholes and cracks over 1" wide in asphalt pavement. Provides superior bond strength. Does not require heating or mixing,

Item Number: TRUKR2ST

Ideal for tamping asphalt, gravel, stone and dirt, or for leveling ground, installing pavers or repairing blacktop. Braced corners, 44 In. steel handle.

Professional Grade Cleaners

Floor & Multi-Surface Care


Item Number: NYCNL158G4EA

Neutral, no rinse cleaner to remove soils from floors, walls, woodwork, countertops, fixtures, and all other water-safe surfaces. There is no dulling or damaging of surfaces with this no rinse formula.

Item Number: NYCNL269G4

This lavender-scented multipurpose cleaner can be used to remove dirt, smudges, light oil, and smears from floors, walls, and woodwork. It rinses easily from a residue-free finish. EPA Safer Choice Certified.

Item Number: NYCNL108G4

Con-Cen-Trate All-Purpose cleaner removes stains from walls, floors, countertops, fixtures, and more. It can be used with automatic scrubbers as well as mop-and-bucket.

Item Number: NYCN950G2

The Nyco Versatile Degreaser can be used for industrial cleaning, quarry tile floor scrubbing, duct cleaning, and more. Eliminates dirt, oil, grime, grease, ink, and food soils from most surfaces. 

Dish Detergents & Kitchen


Item Number: NYCN316G2

Premium high sudsing formulation cleans pots, pans, dishes, silverware, and utensils in manual washing applications. Highly concentrated formulation effectively cleans greases, oils, and dried foods.

Item Number: NYCF1384G2

A highly concentrated formula that removes oil, grease, and dried foods from utensils. It works on pots, pans, dishes, silverware, and more. Long-lasting suds for effective cleaning.

Item Number: NYCN942P25

Use the Gold Circle Powdered Chlorinated Mechanical Dish Detergent to effectively clean dishes, cups, pots and pans, and other utensils. Can be used in all types of automatic dish machines.

Item Number: NYCN206G2

This heavy-duty, alkaline foaming cleaner helps get rid of baked-on, carbonized soils from oven, grills, barbecues, and other food service equipment.  

Restroom & Cleaning


Item Number: NYCN851G2

Used to effortlessly remove dirt, grime, and grease from glass, mirrors, Plexiglas, Lexan, and acrylic surfaces with no scratching or hazing.

Item Number: NYCNL061Q12

Hydrochloric acid formulation used for cleaning bowls, urinals, and other porcelain surfaces in washrooms. Destains and deordorizes quickly with no fuming.

Item Number: NYCNL742Q12

Highly concentrated odor counteractant and deodorizer that can be used to freshen rooms, floors, and other areas. Can also be added to carpet shampoos and hard floor cleaners.

Item Number: NYCNL763Q12

A one-step disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, is virucidal, fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and their odors. 

& More!

nyco drain solve
NYCNL020Q12F (1)

Item Number: NYCN013Q12EA

This alkaline based drain opener is a highly concentrated formula designed to dissolve and remove obstructions from clogged drains, such as grease, food particles, hair, paper, rags, and more. Non-fuming.

Item Number: NYCNL929G4

Effortlessly remove embedded soil from fabrics with the Nyco Liquid Laundry Detergent. It gently cleans linen and other fabrics without damaging them. Suitable for use with commercial, home-style, and high-efficiency washing machines.

Item Number: DVS93515042

Compatible with advanced generation fibers when used on carpet with presprays. Rinse aid helps keep carpet extractor jets free of hard water deposits.

Item Number: NYCNL020Q12

The NYCO Urinakleen cleans and removes uric acid, odors, and hard water buildup in urinals and toilets. It helps to keep urinals free-flowing. This cleaner contains RD-188, an inhibitor that protects the surface after cleaning.

Milwaukee Tools Collection

Item Number: MKE282521ST

Designed to meet the needs of landscape maintenance professionals, the M18 FUEL String Trimmer kit w/ QUIK-LOK provides you with the power to clear thick brush, reaches full throttle in under 1 second, and delivers up to 1 hour of run-time per charge.This M18 FUEL Power Head, part of the M18 FUEL QUIK-LOK Attachment System, is compatible with multiple attachments such as our Edger, Articulating Hedge Trimmer, and Pole Saw attachment. This gives you the ability to quickly swap out attachments on a single power head, delivering ultimate versatility and a lower cost of ownership.

Item Number: MKE282322HD

The M18 FUEL 21 In. Self-Propelled Mower delivers the best mowing experience by offering unmatched levels of cut quality, performance, and control. Its optimized design delivers improved performance versus gas mowers while eliminating all of the headaches associated with gas engines such as pull starts, noise levels, emissions and regular maintenance. Mower requires 2 batteries. Battery can be used on all M18 products.

Item Number: MKE300920

The M18 Fuel Dual Battery Backpack Blower is designed for the professional, delivering a higher blowing force than up to 60cc gas. The backpack blower reaches full throttle of 650 CFM and 155 MPH in under one second, boosting productivity and control. The blower requires at least (2) M18 RedLithium Batteries for operation, while providing (2) additional batteries terminals to extend runtime. This adjustable battery configuration combined with a fully adjustable harness, mode select, telescoping nozzle, variable speed trigger, and low noise level of just 62dB(A) allow the blower adapt to all the operator's needs when using

Item Number: MKE48111862

Lithium-ion battery powers Milwaukee M18 cordless tools. Provides up to 2X more run-time, 20% more power, and twice the recharges compared to a standard lithium-ion battery. Features REDLINK intelligence overload protection to prevent damage to power tool in heavy-duty situations, and discharge protection prevents cell damage. Temperature management system and individual cell monitoring help maximize battery life. Operates cooler in extreme job site conditions and performs in climates below 0 degrees Fahrenheit with fade free power. Displays remaining runtime for less downtime on the job.

Item Number: MKE282420

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Blower meets the performance, durability, and ergonomic needs of landscape maintenance professionals. This blower provides the Highest Constant Power by delivering a power output higher than all handheld gas blowers and maintaining that power level throughout the full charge of the battery.

Item Number: MKE300021

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2-Tool Combo Kit delivers more power and reaches full throttle in under one second - all without the hassle of gas. With this kit, you get the M18 FUEL String Trimmer with QUIK-LOK and the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Blower. This trimmer and blower are both a part of the whole Milwaukee M18 System, which is fully compatible with over 200 solutions. The opportunities are endless.

Item Number: MKE272620

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 24 In. Hedge Trimmer has the power to cut 3/4 In. branches, cuts up to 30% faster, and provides up to 2 hours of run-time per charge. The trimmer features a slider-crank mechanism and all-metal gear case providing unmatched durability and longer life. The 24 In. blade trims more material in a single pass, increasing reach and productivity. The blade tip guard prevents damage to the property and the blades.

The Future of Facilities: Robotics

Automated Cleaning Machines

Smart robots are becoming more and more commonplace in different areas of everyday life. Whether it's the classic at-home smart vacuums, the hazard-seeking robots in grocery stores, or the delivery robots you see in some restaurants and hotels, we should expect to see more of these types of automated machines as the technology improves. The research firm Loup Ventures estimates that facilities-centered robots will be one of the fastest growing markets in the robotic space, accounting for 34% of all industrial robots sold by 2025. With all the options out there for commercial cleaning, you may be beginning to wonder if the investment is right for your business.

The primary benefits of using cleaning robots include increased efficiency and improved cleaning service delivery. They typically can perform various tasks faster and more efficiently than human cleaners, which can help reduce labor costs and save time. Robots are also usually equipped with advanced sensors and technologies that allow them to detect dirt and debris that humans may miss, ensuring a thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach places. These robots can also work around the clock, cleaning more regularly and consistently than may otherwise be possible.


Of course, there are other factors to consider. While there are affordable types of robotics available in the market today for residential areas, these autonomous machines come at a higher price tag for commercial spaces. The sensor technology is ever evolving and improving, but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. This may result in the occasional collision or the machine getting stuck in tight spaces, which may or may not be worth the risk depending on the type of facility. These machines typically require specific maintenance and upkeep, and replacement parts can be costly.

In general, we believe these automated machines work best to support, not replace, your current cleaning staff. They thrive in accomplishing physical and mundane tasks that don't require thinking, or in a collaborative effort with their human co-workers. It frees up time for your team to tackle more complicated tasks, can reduce the risk of accidents, and improve overall productivity. 

You can read more in depth about the future of robotics from our friends at Tennant here.

Warehouse Direct has access to several of these innovative cleaning robots if your workplace is interested, and can get you set up with a demo so you can see firsthand the leaps and bounds the facility industry is making. Take a look at some of the brochures from our partners and get in touch today for a demo.

Check out the collaborative floor-cleaning robots from our friends at Cobotiq.

Packaging Supplies & Solutions

Warehouse Direct Carries a Full Line of Packaging Supplies!

Our extensive line of packaging materials includes everything from sturdy boxes, tape, and labels, to fasteners, films, and fill options. Not only are thousands of these items available for same-day shipping, but almost all of them are customizable with your brand's information or imagery, allowing you to create a professional, personal, and distinctive identity for your business. If you don't see the item you're looking for, get in touch with a Warehouse Direct Expert to see how we can help. 

Elevate your packaging game with our range of high-quality, customizable solutions, and make a lasting impression on your customers with every shipment. 

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