The Best Of Food Supplies In 2024

We're helping you stay one step ahead this year by making it easy to order in advance for all your food service essentials!

Whether it's stocking up on hot cups and soup containers this winter or preparing in advance for upcoming holidays and events, a forward-thinking approach is pivotal for ensuring a smooth operation throughout the rest of the year. As we set our sights on 2024, it's essential for your business to strategize their inventory of crucial service or breakroom items. By planning in advance, your business can ensure that they have an ample supply of disposables like cups, containers, and cutlery to promptly meet the diverse needs of your clientele. Embrace this proactive mindset for 2024 and partner with Warehouse Direct to make it happen.


Holidays To Plan For:

  • Mother's Day (May 12)
  • Memorial Day (May 27)
  • Graduation Season (May-July)
  • Father's Day (June 18)
  • Independence Day (July 4)

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Stars, Stripes, and Success for Bakery Boxes

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Place your orders now for Independence Day Bakery Boxes! With three different sizes, these recyclables takeaway boxes are perfect for any patriotic holiday or summer celebration! Send your guests home with special treats, or step-up your bake sale packaging!

Orders are available year-round.

Stocking Up For Winter

Quality Foam Drink Cups:

  • For both hot and cold beverages
  • Keeps beverages at proper serving temperature on inside and hands comfortable on the outside
  • One-piece construction reduces chance of leaks
  • Fits a variety of lids

Item: DCC12J16

Item: DCC16J16

Item: DCC16SL

Sturdy Paper Hot Cups:

  • Excellent for serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any hot beverage
  • Sturdy design holds up in almost any situation
  • Smooth rolled rim gives rigidity to the cup
  • Heat-sealed seams and interlocked bottoms prevent leaks and retain heat

Item: SCC412WN

Item: SCC316W

Item: SCCTLP316

Reliable Hot Food Containers 

Secure your to-go food in our new paper hot/cold food containers. They are microwavable, enabling customers to reheat food later. They are also moisture-resistant and can hold food ranging from 32º F to 212º F. And don't forget a lid to secure your food in our hot/cold food containers! They fit snugly on the containers, helping customers avoid leaks and spills. These lids are made of white paper and are vented.

Lid 1

Items: SCH034006, SCH034008

Items: SCH034016S, SCH034032

Items: SCH036106, SCH036112

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