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What is Productivity Day?

This opportunity is for a hands-on demonstration and free training on Timberline facilities equipment for your place of business!

The Productivity Day highlights new cleaning and maintenance techniques as well as industry innovations that concentrate on the floor.  We do this by interviewing your current floor maintenance and finishing processes and addressing the difficulties you are experiencing. After the interview and discovery process, we assemble the equipment and products and then demonstrate by actually stripping and finishing a floor at your facility.

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Here is what you will learn:

  • Labor/time savings
  • Chemical elimination or reduction
  • New tool demonstrations
  • Product cost savings

We do this at absolutely no cost to you!

All facilities, whether it be a school or university, hospital, hotel, or other place of business, have come under increasing pressure to maintain cleanliness standards to protect faculty and guests. Timberline's range of Walk-Behind floor cleaners are easy to use and reliable, so the daily chores of cleaning can be done without interruption. American made and value-priced, Timberline machines are extremely customizable and designed to save business owners time, energy, and money.

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Fully-Customizable Machines & A Special Offer

Choose your chassis, scrub deck, controller, and other options for a custom-fit solution to your business' needs!

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Timberline designs and builds its commercial cleaning equipment from scratch proudly, producing many of the machine components in-house and investing heavily in finished sub-assemblies. This allows them to build your custom machine order in a matter of hours and ship in just a few days. Floor cleaning machines built to your specific application's needs without long delays or irregularities, making Timberline Floor Scrubbers a lower-priced, quality alternative to other small custom shops or lower-quality imported products. 

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Nacecare Backpack Vacuums

Cordless Cleaning Just Got Easier!

Equipped with their new NX300 36V Battery Technology and a 350W digital brushless motor, the RBV 150NX is engineered to deliver their most powerful cordless cleaning yet. They deliver up to 90 minutes of cordless freedom, a 50% increase in airflow and suction, and maximum user comfort. Being cordless, they are ideal for day cleaning and high-traffic areas. Make the switch and upgrade your cleaning routine!

Heavy Duty Cleaners

When is the last time you updated your facility's cleaning tools and supplies? Don't wait for a moment of need – be proactive and ensure your workspace is always in its best shape. Download our 2024 Facilities Checklist today and take a closer look at your inventory with our expert's suggestions in hand. 

For the Kitchen:

Oven & Grill Cleaner #319403
Sure Step

Item: SPA764804

SparClean Super Suds delivers powerful cleaning and long-lasting, luxurious suds. Formulated with Aloe, Super Suds aggressively emulsifies and removes baked-on grease or food soils while conditioning hands. Plus, the powerful grease-cutting formula is concentrated, so you can use less to wash more. pH: 6.5-7.5

Item: SPA319403

The Spartan Oven and Grill Cleaner provides rapid emulsification of tough soils like baked-on carbon, grease, and food deposits. This cleaner can be used on commercial and institutional ovens, grills, deep fat fryers, and other products. pH: 13.5-14.0

Item: SPA765904

SparClean Sure Step is a no-rinse, enzyme floor cleaner that breaks down built-up grease, improving slip resistance. SparClean Sure Step enzymatic action continues to work even when the floor is dry. pH: 7.0-8.0

Item: SPA319703

Consume is a cleaner, odor eliminator, stain remover, and drain maintainer. It naturally removes difficult organic soils from many surfaces including tile, concrete, steel, carpet, drains, dumpsters, and more! 

For the Restroom:

NABC #711603

Item: SPA711603

Formulated without acid, NABC cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes toilet bowls, urinals and other restroom surfaces. Safe to use on nearly any hard surface, NABC will not etch porcelain or harm plumbing/septic tanks when used according to directions. pH: 6.0-7.0

SparCling #711803

Item: SPA711803

The Spartan SparCling Bowl Disinfectant cleans and deodorizes horizontal and vertical restroom surfaces. Without excessive scrubbing, this acid disinfectant effectively and removes soap scum, uric acid, and hard water stains. pH: <1.0

Foamy Q&A #320003

Item: SPA320003

The Spartan Foamy Q & A is a hospital-grade disinfectant with a special foaming action. Ready-to-use, the acid-based cleaner is ideal for use in restrooms, shower rooms, or locker rooms. pH <2.0

Everyday Cleaning:

Profect HP 100803

Item: SPA100803

Featuring patented hydrogen peroxide technology, kills bacteria and viruses in 60 seconds. Effective, easy and safe, use for all your one-step disinfecting, deodorizing, and cleaning needs. pH: 1.8-2.2

Xcelenté Multi-Purpose Cleaner #318603

Item: SPA318603

Stainless steel, glass, mirrors and other reflective surface cleaner. Use for all light medium duty cleaning. pH: 6.0-8.0
BioRenewables Glass Cleaner #323903 •

Item: SPA323903

The spray-on cleaner can be used to clean mirrors, glass, and Plexiglas surfaces. It removes soils such as grease, smoke, oils, and dirt. pH: 8.0-9.0

SD-20 #652000

Item: SPA652000

All-purpose, no-rinse aerosol that can be used on baseboards, hoods, and vents. It forms a clinging foam that concentrates on tough soils and stubborn black marks, resulting in effective cleaning. pH: 10.5-11.5

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